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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Prestressed Concrete Poles

Concrete polesJungle Energy Prestressed Concrete Poles offer a cost effective, permanent solutions for the lighting, utility and surveillance industries. Our poles are designed for direct embed applications which do not require concrete foundations. Concrete poles have a lifespan of 75+ years and will not decay like competing products such as wood and steel.

Precast also offer many sustainable architectural features such as colored concrete which replaces the need for coatings of any kind for the life of the pole.

In the past decades, prestressed concrete poles have become popular and have replaced the traditional poles made of timber, steel or reinforced concrete. The earliest prestressed concrete poles were designed in 1933 by Freyssinet.
Prestressed concrete poles are commonly mass produced and are used in most countries for power transmission, antenna masts e.t.c.

The poles are generally designed for the following critical load combinations:

Bending due to wind load on the cable and on the exposed faces,

Combined bending and torsion due to eccentric snapping of wires,

Maximum torsion due to skew snapping of wires,

Bending due to failure of all the wires on one side of pole, and

Handling and erection stresses in the poles


The main advantages of prestressed concrete poles are the following:

Resistance to freeze-thaw effects in cold climate,

Resistance to corrosion in moist conditions and to erosion in desert areas,

Easy handling and transportation due to less self-weight,

Fire resistance,

Easy installation,

Clean and neat appearance, and

Increase crack resistance and improve rigidity.



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